No More Lack of Updates 2: Desperate Resolution

So, originally I wanted my first new blog post of the year to be about No More Heroes 2, which is what the title is in reference to.  It seemed like such a good joke, I wanted to open with it even if I’m not prepared to do a blog post about it.  Also, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to post on my blog here more often.  Well, as you can see, I had problems starting on that, but now here we are.

I got a new package of toys from japan today, so I wanted to do a post about that.  I will later today, it’s just that my camera’s batteries are dead, so I’m writing while waiting for them to recharge.

I really want to play No More Heroes 2 more, but I feel like it’s such a good game that I want to be able to sit uninterrupted so I can play it without worries.  I haven’t really had that kinda time.  Well, there was a lot of snow here in Pittsburgh last week, but I was feeling too cold to game and wound up watching videos of other things instead.  Rest assured, once I complete the game, I will give you my full review of it.  I feel it would be irresponsible to give a review after only playing partway.

I got accepted to a graduate program recently.  I’m terribly excited about that.  It’s a place I’d like to go to, too, so even if my other applications wind up duds, I’ll be happy.  However, the deadline for 3 schools I applied to were just this monday,  and one deadline has yet to happen, so I don’t imagine those schools are very far in reviewing my application.  I want to give them ample time to make a decision, so I have a lot of options.  While it’s nice to have options, nothing relieves you more than that first acceptance.

Speaking of acceptances, my friend ‘The Japanologist’ got accepted to one of her top choices recently as well.  Terribly happy for her.

There are two reasons that today, of all days, I’m finally blogging again.  One is, just a few days ago, I read a terribly spirited and informative blog post that I had been linked to at random:

I’m not a fan of Tsundere or the sorts of shows referenced, but I know what the word means and have heard of the shows.   At least, I have an idea of what the word means.  Apparently my definition is dated.  But that isn’t what I find important.  I was just inspired by it, I don’t know why.  It kinda just popped at me like a good quality post.  An honest explosion of emotion of something important to the writer, with facts to back it up.  And being wrong or right didn’t matter either (like, my definition of Tsundere differs, for example), because hey, it’s a blog, you don’t have to be universally right.  I guess I kinda forgot that, built up blogging as a big idea in my head, felt I needed to get a bunch of facts and not tell people stuff they already know.  I guess I forgot what the spirit of blogging was, and this article just showed me the way.

While I read a lot of other blogs and am regularly impressed by Oguie Maniax, ( ) and talk to the author a lot about his blog posts,  it always makes me feel rather daunted, because of how regularly he is able to provide such high-quality content.  Maybe by looking up to him so much I am holding myself up to a high standard.  But, oh well, I’ll forge my own path and not worry so much.

The other reason is, well, content.  There’s a lot of things I’d been thinking about writing, and in the long time since my last post I’ve built up so much I don’t know how to space it.  But today, I received a package  I ordered from japan.  I’ve taken pictures of older things too, in the off-time, and will post those eventually, but I might as well blog about what’s current with me.  And I just received some new paraphernalia from my favorite shows.  So, gonna blog about it!

Still a while before that battery reaches full charge, but I think I’ve kept you all waiting more than long enough.


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