Lazy Funk

I know my audience is terribly small as of the writing of this post, and that there’s nobody here to care or mind, but I feel I have to say something about what’s going on.  It’s just me being candid, I suppose.

As you can probably tell by checking the dates of my blog posts, I haven’t written anything for a while before this.  I have half a post saved on my computer, and a lot of ideas in my head, but nothing has been happening.  Part of this is that I hold myself to a high standard, another part is that I’ve been in a bit of a depressive funk thanks to stuff going on lately, and the last part is just plain lazy.

I mean, I’ve been talking about anime-related stuff, but no science, but the goal of this blog was to be a hybrid.  So part of why I have been avoiding posting is I’ve been feeling bad that there’s no math/science content.  Like, for a long time now I’ve been intending on declaring that Cantor was a Jerk, and stating the reasons why.

But my funk has put me in a mood where I don’t want to talk about Cantor and infinite numbers and such, so nothing gets done.  I feel like I’m somehow not academically proficient enough as of late to want to talk about things of an academic nature.

Anyways, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel like I’m going to be more able to write stuff.

At the very least, I’ll try to put some effort into photogalleries soon.  I haven’t quite determined how I’m going to mount my lamps around my lightbox, as while I could rig together something really quickly for just one shoot, I want an easily repeatable mounting system for consistent lighting.

tl;dr ver:

Sorry for not writing anything.  Will work on it.


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