What is a Giant Quantum Robot, anyhow?

Odds are, you’re scratching your head at the title to my blog.  It’s paradoxical, or rather made to look that way.   It’s an artistic trick; a reflection of the paradox held within.

This paradox held within is, of course, in reference to the content this blog will someday hold.  My professional interests lie within physics.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Physics (and also one in Math).  However, my hobbies are, almost entirely, about science fiction and the physically impossible/implausible.  Many see a problem in this, though there are some who are not.

After all, as a budding physicist, I should know better than anyone else how impossible what I watch is.  At least, this is what some people, scientists and non-scientists alike, tell me.

But that’s not the point.  I can recognize the difference between fantasy and reality; I know the definition of the word ‘fiction’.  In the context of video games, giant robot shows, superhero shows, and other works of fiction, physics is placed in a secondary role to the story, and dramatic embellishment is applied liberally.  And that’s fine.

But it’s fun to imagine.  It’s a great diversion from your everyday life to look at something physically impossible and imagine what the implications would be in a world where such things existed.

But I digress.  The point of the name is that this here blog is a composition of my work/lifegoals and my hobbies.  Being that those are physics (which Quantum Mechanics is a sub-field of), and sci-fi (which Giant Robots are arguably a sub-field of), the name felt appropriate.  I intend to talk about both subjects at length, both separately and in a connected sense.

I hope you enjoy it, whether you like sci-fi, science, both, or neither!


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